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We generate unparalleled payouts in earned revenue and found time for creators of all types and sizes.

We connect you to a growing revenue stream and proactively seek out opportunities to maximize your found time and earned revenue.

Our team holds the industries most powerful fingerprinting technology. 

  • Identification + Comparison

  • Metadata enhancement

  • QC + Fraud Protection

  • Recommendation + Similarity Renderance 

We provide a suite of first-class digital rights management, content monetization, and audio fingerprinting solutions to help media owners track and monetize exploitations of their IP across an increasingly vast digital landscape.

  •         Production Music Libraries

  •         Record Labels

  •         Publishers

  •         Audiovisual Rights Holders

  •         Artists & Musicians

  •         Performing Rights Organization

We pay on time and to the penny, with unmatched accuracy, lightning fast claim support, and total transparency.


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Founded to help musicians navigate the wilds of user generated content monetization on YouTube, We have grown into a bearer for innovation and equity in digital rights.


We pair innovative technology with high-touch service by genuine industry experts, and is customized to each rights holder’s unique needs. 

This hybrid approach allows for more thorough detections throughout UGC platforms, fewer false claims, and reliably higher returns to creators. 

We optimize rights management, identification, and monetization in social video.  

We believe that transparency, operational excellence, superior administrative hygiene, and best in class service are fundamental.

Elevate your brand’s YouTube presence utilizing our suite of tiered services tailored to your needs. Our curated network of 600+ partners is growing every day. 

With more than a decade of experience, we harbor one of the most tenured YouTube administrators in the industry. Our best-in-class content detection processes over a trillion points of data to protect your digital rights and enhance your monetization.

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